Fall 2021 Reading

FC2’s Fall 2021 reading features JoAnna Novak, Yannick Murphy, and Marc Anthony Richardson.

Meaningful Work, by JoAnna Novak (FC2, 2021)

Fall 2021 FC2 Release: Meaningful Work by JoAnna Novak

Winner of FC2’s Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize, Joanna Novak’s short fiction debut is a stunning look at the labor of obsession and the industry of self-destruction.

By the Time You Read This, by Yannick Murphy (FC2, 2021)

Fall 2021 FC2 Release: By The Time You Read This by Yannick Murphy

Winner of FC2’s Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize, Yannick Murphy’s gathering of luminescent stories illustrates how fraught and contingent the simplest of lives can be, and the often unexpected means available to each of us for our own salvation.

Messiahs, by Marc Anthony Richardson (FC2, 2021)

Fall 2021 FC2 Release: Messiahs by Marc Anthony Richardson

A fiercely ecstatic tale of betrayal and self-sacrifice, Messiahs centers on two nameless lovers: a woman of east Asian descent and a former state prisoner “exonerated” after more than two years on death row.


Every year FC2 awards the Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize and the Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize.

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