FC2 Fall 2019 Release: Masses & Motets by Jeffrey DeShell

A gripping crime novel loosely based on the masses and songs of the 17th century Flemish composer Pierre de la Rue.

FC2 Fall 2019 Release: Drain Songs by Grant Maierhofer

Stories and a novella chronicling the struggles of addiction, anxiety, and withdrawal brutally and tenderly rendered.

FC2 Fall 2019 Release: Slater Orchard by Darcie Dennigan

An intensely personal, surreal imagining of how humans might survive industrialization by acclaimed poet Darcie Dennigan.

Submissions Period Now Open for 2020 Innovative Fiction Contests

Fiction Collective Two’s submissions period for the 2020 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest and 2020 Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize is now open.


Every year FC2 awards the Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize and the Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize.

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