“Without an image of tomorrow, one is trapped by blind history….” -Samuel Delany

FC2 remains dedicated to recruiting new and diverse makers of the images of tomorrow and to forging an ever more representative and provocative collective to challenge and overwrite the brutal conventions of our insufficient now.

2020 Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Contest Winner

For the 2020 Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Contest, Renee Gladman has selected The Good Word by Yannick Murphy.

2020 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest Winner

For the 2020 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest, Sarah Blackman has selected Meaningful Work by JoAnna Novak.

The Town of Whispering Dolls, by Susan Neville (FC2, 2020)

FC2 Spring 2020 Release: The Town of Whispering Dolls by Susan Neville

Stories haunted by the remains of the industrial Midwest, the opioid epidemic, and the technology of war.


Every year FC2 awards the Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize and the Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize.

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