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Rosaire Appel

Rosaire Appel

Interview with Rosaire Appel


Mable in her Twenties

After studying art and painting for years, Rosaire Appel took up writing. She was intrigued by the idea of applying the techniques of painting to fiction. She has had some short work published in small magazines and has shown her photographs in group shows in New York and in a one-person show on Long Island.


"Rosaire Appel has written a dazzlingly original novel of manners, mores, and the drive for love, with the mystified Mabel in her turbulent twenties at the center. Compelling, startling, the insights that propel and rationalize behavior all but tumble off the pages. Readers can only delight in the invisible intelligence continually bubbling beneath this brilliantly conceived innovative narrative." —Gail North, Senior Editor, Cosmopolitan