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Jonathan Baumbach

Jonathan Baumbach

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Seven Wives


Chez, Charlotte, and Emily


My Father, More or Less

Separate Hours

The Life and Times of Major Fiction


Jonathan Baumbach is the author of numerous books of fiction, including Babble, Chez Charlotte & Emily, Seperate Hours, The Life And Times Of Major Fiction, D-Tours, and B. Also a widely published and anthologized short story writer, he has appeared in O. Henry Prize Stores and Best American Short Stories. He has written about movies for Partisan Review and is a former chairman of the National Society of Film Critics.

"Baumbach has more voices than Willie the Whale, more accents than the people at Berlitz, a gift for parody, a detector for cliché."—The New York Times

"Baumbach has a real gift for alchemizing fictional 'autobiography' into the pure gold of comic terror."—Newsweek