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R.M. Berry

R.M. Berry

Dictionary of Modern Anguish

Plane Geometry

Leonardo's Horse

R. M. Berry is author of the novel Leonardo's Horse, a New York Times "notable book" of 1998, and story collections Plane Geometry and Other Affairs of the Heart, and Dictionary of Modern Anguish. His short fiction has been widely published and anthologized and his critical essays have appeared in such journals as Philosophy and Literature and Narrative. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop and a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently professor of English at Florida State University where he teaches courses in 20th century literature and critical theory. He is also a  publisher of FC2.

"As in his fine collection of stories, Plane Geometry, Berry shows that cold science can be fueled by heated passion, convincingly belying Leonardo's own oft-quoted statement that 'intellectual passion drives out sensuality.' . . . Unlike its bronze counterpart, Leonardo's Horse accomplishes the magic of motion while simply sitting still." —New York Times Book Review

“The stories of Dictionary are so thoughtfully counterpointed that the term collection is too weak to describe the book. Each expands its antecedent.... In the aggregate, the theme that emerges plays off Wittgenstein’s belief that depth in human experience comes from those instances when, to rephrase Dictionary’s epigram, ‘language goes on holiday’.... Measuring Dictionary’s philosophical grammars against the conventional realism of most story collections, I can say that Berry’s work represents the next term, an exemplar of its final fiction, ‘The Function of Art at the Present Time.’” —The Review of Contemporary Fiction

Berry's most recent novel is Frank, an unwriting of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, published by Chiasmus press (2005).