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Null Set and Other Stories

Null Set

Null Set and Other Stories
by George Chambers

1977. 218 pp.
ISBN 978-0-914590-34-7
Price: $19.75


The Dean is about to fire Professor Shakespeare because he lisps. In a tirade of racial and sexual bigotry, an old man defines moral integrity. An immigrant enters an "adult" bookstore and comes out in tears. Starved and hallucinating, a young man finds himself among the rescuers of the Donner Party. A man concerned with his "social survival" uses the wrong plate at a dinner party. Sitting at the right hand of God, a madame defends her trade as Art. A man says the rosary of defeat. An immigrant couple kiss a brick from Ernest Hemingway's swimming pool. A rape victim testifies to a life without choices. An old peasant goes to town to buy a letter to send his daughter in America. A cake becomes the supreme gesture of affection.

"…reduces our everyday banality to a desperate poetry of absurdity." —Novel

"…work of process, not product; of sustained excitement, not sated satisfaction," —Fiction International

"…tough and gory, ripping away at a veneer of realistic trivia." —Chicago Review

"…in the tradition of those great rebels against authority, form and system, Rabelais and Sterne …going to be around long after today's bestseller has evaporated." —New York Times Book Review

"…a dance, a celebration." —Northwest Review


Jirac Disslerov #5

Sonya has agreed to watch television for a week for 50cents if she writes down what she watched and when. She agreed to give Jirac 25cents if he also would participate in the survey. He agreed. For a week they watched the television in America. At the bottom of the report there was space to write in "additional comments." Sonya said she liked the soap messages. Also she asked why people hit eachother so much in America. Jirac was weeping, angry weeping. He wrote:

"I have not good English. It was an horror experience. I tell you I want to watch people eating bread. I tell you I want to see people at home in the bed, man and woman kissing their bodies, being so very fucking kind to male and female. I want to see the father carve the turkeybird and send plates of food to his dear children down the table. I want to see a person crying because he is lonely for his mother. I want to see lovers making fucking as I hear you call it in this country. Thanks you for my 25cents. I want to see something human." Then there was no more space to write in.