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Alexandra Chasin

Author photo by Joanna Eldredge Morrissey

Interview with Alexandra Chasin

kissed by

Alexandra Chasin received her PhD in Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford University in 1993, and went on to teach literary and cultural studies at Boston College, Yale University, the University of Geneva, and Columbia University. Chasin's first book was a work of nonfiction called Selling Out: The Gay and Lesbian Movement Goes to Market (St. Martin's, 2000), which argued that the identification of gays and lesbians as a target market in the 1990s pulled the gay and lesbian social movement away from radical political goals of sexual liberation and subversion of traditional gender roles and toward more centrist goals like open inclusion in the military and access to marriage.

In 2002, Chasin completed an MFA in Fiction Writing at Vermont College. Kissed By is her first book of fiction. Her next – Brief – was first released as an interactive app. Chasin's creative work has been published in print in Denver Quarterly, AGNI, Chain, Post Road, Fence, Unsaid, Hotel Amerika, and The Capilano Review, and online in Exquisite Corpse, DIAGRAM, New Orleans Review, and htmlgiant, among other places.

Chasin received a 2012 fellowship in Fiction from the New York Foundations for the Arts, and a 2013 fellowship from the Leon Levy Center for Biography at CUNY to work on a nonfiction treatment of the origins of drug prohibition, starring Harry J. Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. She is Associate Professor of Literary Studies at Lang College, The New School.

Chasin is also Director of Writing On It All, a public participatory writing project based in NYC.