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Jeffrey DeShell

Jeffrey DeShell

S & M

The Trouble With Being Born


In Heaven Everything Is Fine


Chick-Lit I: Postfeminist Fiction (ed)

Chick Lit 2: No Chick Vics (ed)

Jeffrey DeShell, novelist, professor, and literary critic, is the author of five novels, S & M, Arthouse, The Trouble With Being Born, and In Heaven Everything is Fine (FC2), Peter: An (A)Historical Romance (Starcherone), and a critical book, The Peculiarity of Literature: An Allegorical Approach to Poe’s Fiction. He has co-edited two collections of fiction by American women, Chick-Lit I: Postfeminist Fiction and Chick-Lit II: No Chick Vics (FC2), and was a Fulbright Teaching Fellow in Budapest, Hungary, 1999-2000. Currently, DeShell is a Professor of English where he has served as the Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder.