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Interview with Eurudice


Eurudice was born on Lesbos and brought up in Alexandria and Athens. She has published two books of poetry, one in Greek, and has written two novellas, scree and Amfi-trite. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and Fine Arts from Bard College, a Greek University degree in Minoan Archaeology, and MA in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is a PhD student in comparative literature at Brown University, currently on leave.

Eurudice says of herself:

"At the age of two, the author began crossing out sections in her storybooks that displeased her, rephrasing them more imaginatively. By the age of eight, she had rewritten the books in her father's library, including Homer, Shakespheare, and Beckett. She ran off to Hollywood at fourteen, planning to live as a guest, and was shocked to discover she had to learn English. En route to Japan, she is now exploring India, the ultimate frontier."