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In the Middle of Nowhere

In the Middle of Nowhere
by Fanny Howe

Price: $10.95


In The Middle of Nowhere is the story of four people, two men and two women, whose lives converge, by chance, and briefly, in a small New England town. Moods of landscape and weather reflect their states of mind, and incline them towards actions which represent the terminal points of character.

"My daughter and I are among Fanny Howe's most devoted fans. She is a wonderful writer." —Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

"Beyond mood and language are the uncommon concerns with 'duty,' 'virtue,' 'obedience,' with the relationship between morality and God, which augur well… She is not only writing well, she is thinking hard." —Roberta Kalechofky, American Book Review


Just before noon, there was a little bang and, weeping, the man fell dead.

His wife was dropping bread into her supermarket basket. His daughter was in line for lunch at school.

His secretary was in the parish house, unpeeling a banana. And no one noticed that the bells struck thirteen times a day, an uncanny slip on the part of the bell ringer, who didn't know the Rector was dead and remained terrified of his wrath for several hours.