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patrick lawler

rescuers Of skydivers search among the clouds

by patrick lawler



Patrick Lawler has four poetry collections: A Drowning Man is Never Tall Enough, reading a burning book, Feeding the Fear of the Earth, and Underground (Notes Toward an Autobiography). He teaches at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and is Writer-in-Residence at LeMoyne College.

About Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds:

When you step inside Patrick Lawler’s Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds, you will find yourself hovering in the clouds, among a family and a town, and in the world of one of fiction’s most inventive writers.

Patrick Lawler’s novel is about resonance, echoes, and naming; about hiding inside of names; about standing completely still; and about the fractalization of family. Connect the dots. Connect the secrets. Mother. Father. Sisters. Brother. Every character wears a variety of masks, and every place is also someplace else.

Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds is a reconfiguring of narrative—how stories exist inside stories, how place exists inside self, how self exists inside others, and how parachutists exist inside clouds.

“I love Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds. Domestic myth, fairy tale, troubled and clear—this novel moves me to tears.”--Kate Bernheimer, author of The Complete Tales of Lucy Gold

Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds in its headlong descent into the atomistic atmosphere of language never attains a terminal velocity, or more exactly, it creates a velocity that terminates the notion of termination. The book is unstoppable in its amazing folds of folds, its pleats and pleas, its Mobius confabulation and textual texture. It falls and floats. It levitates longingly. Patrick Lawler’s book pulls an infinite load of G’s and just as many gees!”—Michael Martone, author of Four for a Quarter