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Norman Lock

Interview with Norman Lock

Norman Lock's plays have been staged internationally. The Los Angeles Times voted The House of Correction among the best of 1988 and 1994, for its revival. It was called the best new play of the 1996 Edinburgh Theatre Festival. His radio dramas, in German translation, have been broadcast by WDR and NDR, Germany. He is also the author of a film, The Body Shop , produced by The American Film Institute.

His fiction appears in leading reviews in the U.S. and in Europe. Two extended prose collections, Joseph Cornell's Operas and Emigres, are published by Elimae Books. They were brought out by an Istanbul publisher in 2004 as part of its New World Writing Series. A novella, ­ Notes To The Book of Supplemental Diagrams for Marco Knauff's Universe, Vol. 1, ­ was published in 2003 by Ravenna Press. Lock won the Aga Kahn Prize for fiction, given by The Paris Review, in 1979. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Helen. They have two children.


"Lock's weapon is words, and he uses them a nightmare that wakes you up shaking, forcing you to reassess your life." —LA Life

"Lock's ideas lend tangy new flavor to an old form." —Los Angeles Times