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Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit
by Clarence Major

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This, Clarance Major's fourth novel, is about people in a town in Connecticut that has just passed a law requiring all men to carry all women across all thresholds at all times. Even before publication the book gained critical attention.

"My knowledge of Major's writings - the earlier novels, short fiction and poetry - goes back several years and I have great respect for his accomplishments in the past and for this new work of fiction, which I have been able to examine in typescript. Emergency Exit sustains and carries forward the achievements of the other works and will be a very valuable addition to contemporary American literature…I value Emergency Exit for its explorations into both contemporary American life and culture and the rich possibilities of the art of fiction… the new novel advances Major's long interest in experimentalism and the articulation of a complex vision for prose fiction… with an accompanying artistry and craftsmanship which will only add to his stature as one of the vital and important writers in America today." —Douglas Bolling

"It takes on what I consider to be the key problem the novel faces today - the illegitimacy of trying to totalize experience. It solves the problems which have threatened the very future of fiction." —Jerome Klinkowitz


They are headed back to Duck Pond. At a corner near where the VW is parked Julie waits for Al to assist a blind Black man across the street. Half way across the blind man says to Al, I sure do thank you son I sure do you know I tried to get one of my own peoples to help me a little while ago but they ain't no good keep right on walking like nobody's business.

The hot sunlight is pouring down on them as they speed back. Julie at the wheel. Eighty in a fifty-five mile zone. Julie's talking about Sara: You see, as long as I'm unhappy and frustrated and in need of her advice she advises me and our relationship then and only then works fine everything is peaches and cream but just let things start going well for me like now and she gets very bitchy I don't know I think it's jealousy what'd you think of her, Al I mean really think of her be honest with me.