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Jay Marvin

Punk Blood

Jay Marvin calls his prose and poetry Punk Noir, and has published in New York Quarterly, The Pittsburgh Quarterly and Black Ice. His writing can be found on the net. He also hosts a daily talk show in Denver on KHOW, and doesn't have a brown shirt in his closet.

Jay Marvin, a 29 year veteran of radio, has returned to WLS after a 3 year hiatus in Denver. He brings to the station a renewed sensitivity and understanding of his listeners, brought upon him from his life-changing experiences directly relating to the Columbine High School shootings.

Jay started his career in radio as a country music DJ in Del Rio, Texas in 1973. He has worked in Chicago at WJJD, the old WJEZ (now WJMK), as well as talk radio on Tampa and Denver. He hopes WLS will be the last radio station stop for him.

Jay, a published poet and writer, has a book on the market now called Punk Blood. It is a hard-boiled crime novel with an avant-guard feel to it. Jay is currently painting, and doing computer art.

Jay's sincere, emotional, "honest to goodness" approach to everything he does triggers an immediate response to your message from one of the most loyal audiences of any NEWSTALK host.

Jay has been married for 21 years to his wife, Mary. According to Jay, without her he would be living on Lower Wacker Drive.