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Lynda Schor

Interview with Lynda Schor

Lynda Schor is the author of the short fiction collections Appetites, and True Love & Real Romance. Her stories, one of which was nominated for an O. Henry Award, have appeared in many literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. She has won many grants and prizes, including two Maryland State Arts Council grants. She is the fiction editor for the online literary magazine Salt River Review. She lives in New York City and teaches at the New School University.


"Lynda Schor, deservedly widely published, has been honing her original and satirical voice, her writerly craft, for years, and its shows: She's an immensely gifted, completely eccentric writer, unafraid of risks, whether in form or context. She's funny, sexy, quirky, adventurous, and brave. Lynda's work scares some readers, and delights others. I'm among those who are delighted."

—Janice Eidus