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Endless Short Story

Endless Short Story
by Ronald Sukenick

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I, Bitchakokoff, Kewpie Slitz, Dong Wang, Crown Prince von Moccasin and Aziff defy common sense in a series of topographical adventures that skate across the page as if there were no yesterday. These interconnected stories project a sense of life as ongoing improvisation in which you never know what's going to happen next, in which you are always in the middle of the story and in which events do not begin and end but only start and stop. Making use of the urban folklore of childhood, the resources of typography and the eccentricities of experience, they have the continuity of a doodle, a comic strip or a painting by Paul Klee. Written in a style that pits the reality of the page against the fictionality of life, these stories address the strangeness, comedy, and unpredictability of common experience, moving from hyper-realism to a child-like playfulness and covering a wide range of moods and levels of organization. The Endless Short Story continues Ronald Sukenick's dialogue with "the intelligence," in which he has said, "you practice a discipline of abstraction I practice a discipline of inclusion. You practice a discipline of reduction I of addition. You pursue essentials I ride with the random. You cultivate separation toward stillness I rest in movement."

"The very best sort of experimental writing by one of the best writers of it."—New York Times Book Review

"A kind of cross between the Sterne of Tristram Shandy and the Thomas Pynchon of V (and for my money more readable than Pynchon), Sukenick combines fantasy and parody and satire brilliantly."—Houston Post


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