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Ronald Sukenick

Memorial for Ronald Sukenick
by Lance Olsen

98.6: A Novel

The Death of the Novel

Doggy Bag

Endless Short Story

Last Fall

Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues

Mosaic Man


Ronald Sukenick was on the cutting edge of American fiction and publishing for four decades. Winner of an American Book Award for Lifetime Achievement and the American Academy of Arts and Letters prestigious Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, he is the author of eleven works of fiction and criticism, including 98.6 and Mosaic Man. He was founder and publisher of American Book Review. He died July 22, 2004 at the age of 72.

"What characterizes Sukenick's fiction is its comedy, its sexual exuberance, its innovations in structure and characterization, and the accuracy of its depiction of the cultural context."

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