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by Yuriy Tarnawsky

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An extraordinary collection from the Ukrainian émigré writer Tarnawsky.

"A writer of extraordinary talent, Yuriy Tarnawsky has influenced many poets of the New York group." —Y. Lavrinenko,author of Stumps and Sprouts

"... a very individual style and a complex, well developed personal philosophy. In his person Ukrainians have a very talented poet." —R. Rubchak, author of Co-ordinates

"It is a pleasure to read Roads because it is so elegantly constructed. It is packed with original metaphors and similes." —Y. Lavrinenko, author of Letters to Friends



During the run George had decided to leave. He'd told this to Howie before having breakfast. George packs after breakfast. He brings out his suitcase into the living room. He comes up to Howie. George takes out his wallet. He'd been told by Michael the price for the weekend was thirty dollars. George takes thirty dollars out of his wallet. He gives the money to Howie. Howie looks at the money. He says George hasn't stayed the whole weekend. Howie says the weekend includes Friday night. He says, besides, George is leaving early. Howie says he'll charge George therefore only twenty dollars. Howie gives ten dollars back to George. George takes the money. He's moved by Howie's gesture. He feels sorry about leaving. He says he might come back another weekend. He says good-bye to everyone.