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A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire

A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire
by Don Webb



A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire is a postmodern magical papyrus collecting the short fiction of Don Webb from around the globe, and presenting his unique views on sex, language, and fictioneering.

Drawing from science fiction, linguistics, and the artistic concerns of post-Fluxus avant-garde, A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire provides us tales which are sexy, funny, and thought-provoking. A cultural artifact from a different star, his work straddles many boundaries.

"Don Webb can write straight tales or he can go out to the fringe where the cutting edge hasn't even cut yet and play head-turning games and word games: a full spectrum writer."—Roger Zelazny

"It's wild, wholly unpredictable, and generally amazing." —Zulfiker Ghose


Invocation of Muse Joe approaches the blank page. The voices begin. Please, no more man starts big and dies stuff. No sports medicine. No first person unless it's of Normal Mailer/Edward Abbey Quality. No personal experience, technical, general-interest or opinion material. We don't want a "Me-n-Joe" narrative of every breakfast and fuel stop. No religious, astrological, or political material or articles promoting a particular group or system of thought. No poking fun or mushy, sentimental articles.

Joe starts sweating. His hypothalamus and adrenals are ready for fight or flight. He raises his hands high above the keyboard. The voices buzz. ZzzAvoidzzzgraphiczzzs


Joe swallows hard. He pulls his hands back. He shakes his head. He will do it. He clenches his buttocks and grits his teeth. The voices become gentle like airport paging. The trouble with most freelancers is that they think anyone with a typewriter is a writer. We don't want to see writing by men. We don't buy over the transom. We use only nonfiction. We use only fiction. We focus on local writers. Freelancers can best break into our publication by writing short pieces. All short work done in-house try poetry. No poetry. Query with published clips. No queries. No computer printouts. No submissions without ASCII disks. Be sure it hasn't been done before. But call first before writing or submitting it. Use only agented stories.

Joe falls slowly off the chair. He is still for a long while. The paper laughs.